Tibetan Center for Ethics


“Tibetan culture is a culture of peace and non-violence; it’s a culture of compassion. More and more people are coming to appreciate such values.”
–His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

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  • The Tibetan Association of Colorado
    Colorado is now home to about more than 300 Tibetans. The first Tibetan “pioneers” to the American West starting their resettlement process in early 1990s under the US Immigration Act which allowed a thousand exiled Tibetans to resettle in different parts of the USA.

    Colorado’s beautiful mountains, high altitude, and vast clear skies, so naturally similar to Tibet, became a magnet drawing the new immigrants. The first Tibetan settlers in Colorado will soon be celebrating their 25 years in their new home. Tibetans from other states and countries have continued to join them as word about Colorado has spread.

    In general, Colorado residents have shown great interest in welcoming Tibetan culture. Many have been eager to learn about the secular aspects of the culture, such as its promotion of secular ethics, the healthful benefits of meditation, and its unique and profound understanding of psychology.

    Tibetan Association of Colorado, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, was formed in 1999 to provide and sustain the enlarging Tibetan community in Colorado. Its mission is to preserve and promote the unique Tibetan culture and traditions, to benefit the gene and also support the cause of Tibet, a mission, that is near and dear to the hearts of Tibetans.

  • Bringing Tibet to Colorado

    After being forced to leave their homeland behind, Tibetan immigrants developed a deep and firm determination to preserve unique aspects of Tibetan culture most dear to them and to ensure that their children honor and embody the old ways even as they learn the new.

    As the number of young Tibetans in Colorado steadily increases, the need to preserve the unique aspects of Tibetan language, culture and tradition grows stronger. Born from the determination to preserve a unique and irreplaceable culture, powerful, a dream arose: The establishment of a Tibetan Center for Ethics allowing us to preserve the wisdom and culture of Tibet and to benefit our new neighbors in Boulder and Denver area.

  • Achieving Important Goals

    The Tibetan Association of Colorado is taking steps to make the dream into a reality by establishing the Tibetan Center for Ethics.

    This educational and cultural center will serve the mandate of supporting His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s primary commitments: the promotion of human values, the promotion of interfaith harmony and the promotion of the Tibetan cause. By embodying these commitments, the Center will extend His Holiness’ hard work into the local area in a tangible way.

    This center will organize seminars, talks, workshops, conferences, and retreats to promote the three main commitments. Its unique focus will be an area dear to the heart of His Holiness, secular ethics. The Dalai Lama explains secular ethics as the commonalities among different groups—cultural, religious, ethnic, generational—in their understanding of the ethics. This commonality allows us to live together safely and harmoniously, caring for one another and benefiting the world at large.

    The primary goal of the Tibetan Center for Ethics is deeply aligned with this view. It will benefit the wider community as well as local Tibetan residents. It will function as a gateway to ways of skillfully promoting human values, the promotion of interfaith harmony and the promotion of the Tibetan cause.

  • A Community Gathering Place

    Eventually, the center will have conference/seminar hall that can accommodate up to 500 people, a meditation room, a library, a shrine room and classrooms. These ambitious goals and objectives present a challenge, of course, but faith in the tremendous benefits of such a center for Colorado will allow that challenge to be met and surpassed.

    We imagine making our center available to others for community forums, workshops, and various types of meetings. Of course, teachings and ceremonies by various Buddhist leaders and teachers, as well as interfaith gatherings, will be available to all.

    With support from the community and friends, this dream project can become reality.

  • Your essential support

    The essence of Tibetan culture is realizing our interconnectedness and our interdependence on one another. Our sincere hope to benefit our community completely depends on your
    kindness and generosity in helping us build this center in our new Colorado homeland.

    The Tibetan Association of Colorado is a small association and to realize this dream project, the support of every friend is essential. Only as part of the greater community can the dream of the Tibetans arise.

"you can't separate peace from freedom because no one is at peace until he has his freedom"